Our Offerings

eCommerce | Web-applications | Consulting and Strategy | Digital Marketing | UI/UX

Implementation phases


Requirement analysis and project planning


UI & UX, integrations and migrations


Execution, launch and post launch support

End to End ecommerce solution

We own complete ecommerce solution delivery, so that you can focus on your core business.
Our services include, but not limited to, the following
- Strategy and Consulting
- Ecommerce Website Development
- Payment integrations
- Secure Ecommerce Hosting
- UI and UX Design
- Complex integrations
- Customer centric customization
- Digital marketing
- Post deployment support
- Mobile App development
- Analytics and Reporting

Digital Marketing

Maximizing customer reach through digital channels, such as search engines, social media etc.

Web application development

Building visually appealing portals, to align with your ecommerce needs

Integrations & customization

Ensuring unique customer needs are met, either with third party integrations and/or customization

Secure & stable solutions

Trust is a crucial factors, when conducting business online

Exceptional customer experience

There is a critical difference between knowing and understanding, your end-customer needs.
Every interaction, exchange, thought and emotion, experienced by the customer, while interacting with the ecommerce application, adds up to the over customer experience. This experience, even if for a fraction of a second, often times has a lasting impact, to the overall usage of the application and subsequently success of the ecommerce initiative. Within this realm, User Interface and User Experience plays a critical and defining role, which eventually translates into success or failure.

We like to break into following components
- Service Experience: Essentially service support across various channels, such as on-call, chatbots, emails. Service that will delight the customer and wanting for more.
- Product Experience: Quality of the product, its ease of use and overall value as perceived by the customer. Apart from the actual product, please note your ecommerce store is also part of the product experience.
- Brand Experience: The feeling and often emotion the product evokes, make a significant and often lasting impression on the customer psyche. This includes, but is not limited to, overall marketing, design, feeling and emotion that the brand evokes.

Consulting & Strategy

Often times there is a need to bring in external experts, with specific skills, during various stages of the ecommerce initiative. We only do our customers consult us to understand the ecommerce landscape, but also use our services to outline an effective and competitive market strategy. Outlines the key aspects
- Market awareness
- Analyze existing customer state
- Outlining optimal desired state
- Gap analysis and unbiased feedback
- Focusing on the target audience/ market/ customers
- Identifying and measuring growth metrics
- Developing a roadmap with actionable work items
- Value-add and trusted partner during the journey

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