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End to End eCommerce Solutions

A full service ecommerce agency, we provide complete solutions, from strategy consultation to final implementation and post deployment support.

We ensure end to end delivery,  so that our customers can focus on your core business. As your your value add partner be assured, Sunhim will take care of your online business growth, while aligning to agreed metrics

Ecommerce Website Development

Sunhim provides its customer’s multiple platforms to choose their solution, based on their vision, business needs and budget.  Outline a few commonly requested options:

  • Fully Customized solution: Highly customized, fast, responsive and component based solution. Typically build using MERN or PHP, based on customer needs.
  • Shopify: Cloud based hosted solution, built on the most widely used subscription platform. Helps build solution at lightning speed and easy to manage. Additional capability to customize the solution, for specific business needs.
  • WooCommerce: Widely used plugin, which compliments it’s offerings using existing WordPress capabilities. Highly cost effective, self-hosted platform, with numerous option’s with third party plugins.

Our Services

Ecommerce Website

Secure, aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and optimized website, where user can get what they need, with minimal clicks.
Synergy between components, such as products, images, overall layout and search is critical, for an elevated user experience.

Mobile App Dev

As of 2021, India has 1.2 billion mobile subscribers, of which 750 million are using smartphones. The numbers are overwhelming and mobile impact is undeniable. Not only do we build solutions that render on mobile devices, but we also build cost effective and visually appealing Mobile app solutions.

Customer Acquisition

At Sunhim, we help our customer achieve higher rankings, on google searches. This ensures we are able to drive ecommerce traffic to your ecommerce store, impacting not just sales and revenues, but also customer experience. If you are craving to traffic customers and subsequent sales, to your ecommerce site, call us.

Analytics and Reporting

Rigor in Analytics and Reporting, plays a critical part, not just in strategy and planning, but also in measuring success and adjusting to changing business needs. We not only help build standard reports and analytics, but also build custom solutions based on specific needs, elevating overall customer experience and success.

Paid advertising ( PPC)

We call it steroid for your ecommerce sales and revenues growth. With proven techniques, be it Google Ads, Social Media Ads as Facebook or Instagram, among others, we have you covered. Phenomenal smartphone market penetration, has added another dimension to business growth. Mobile advertising has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Strategy and Consultation

In long term, definition of the north star, is most critical for long term success. In ecommerce and digital advertising world, there are plethora of options to choose from and sometimes can be daunting and confusing. Identifying the best possible option that aligns with overall vision and ensuring optimal and timely conversion is a key success factor.

Ecommerce Website Development​ FAQ's

Definitely Yes, and in a positive way. Local retail store typically have limitations in terms of visibility, reach, store schedule and overheads.

An ecommerce website is able to address those limitations, and if done well be a catalyst to an  exponential business growth. Outlining top 4 obvious benefits

  • Cost Reduction: The biggest advantage for sellers is reducing, not jyst the inventory cost, but also additional overheads such as rentals, workforce salaries, store upkeep etcs. All of this adds up to higher ROI.
  • Customer experience: The seller can create a consistent user experience, while designing the website and be able to orchestrate it effectively, with limited effort. This typically is difficult to manage in retail store. Additionally beyond the 24 X 7 support, sellers could ship any item at any place anytime.
  • Agility in responding to constantly changing customer needs: With reports and analytics, generating crucial insights. Sellers are able to identify changing patterns much sooner and are be able to respond effectively, thus not only saving time and effort, but also cost of inventory, that possibility might not be relevant anymore. 
  • Unlimited customer reach: A retail store has it obvious geographic limitation. With an ecommerce store, the reach is unlimited, coupled with digital marketing. With Digital Marketing, you can strategize your effort to hone in on the targeting audience based on agreed customer persona.

For this discussion we will focus on only 3 that are relevant to this discussion

  • Business to Consumer(B2C): This is the most common form of ecommerce, where business have storefronts to sell good and/or services, directly to customers. Here the target market is the end individual customer. The most common example is buying on Amazon.
  • Business to Business(B2B): In this instance companies sell product or services, to other companies online. This could be in the form of wholesale, selling to organizations, selling to resellers etc. An example of B2B would be Alibaba, which operates out of Hangzhou, China.
  • Consumer to Consumer(C2C): In this instance, we ahev one consumer selling to another consumer, which typically would be a one-off transaction. A good example would be eBay.

Outlining the key aspects of developing ecommerce solution

  • Outlining overall vision & goals.
  • Building overarching strategy and plans to achieve it
  • Analyzing current state and Gaps
  • Identifying tools, process, people, financials and partners
  • Digital Marketing
  • Build process
  • Testing and Launch
  • Post deployment support and updates

At Sunhim Ecommerce, we focus on end-to-end ecommerce solutions, so that our customer can focus on their core business.

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