UI and UX Design

Research shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 dollars in return.
That’s an phenomenal ROI of 9,900%.

Customer centric design solutions elevate the overall customer experience. With a dedicated design team, we design aesthetically appealing solution, that not only generate interest, but ensure customer loyalty and achieve desired business goals.

Key Offerings

UI and UX have a disproportionate impact in ecommerce business. To quote Jeff Bezos, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. word of mouth is very powerful.”  Hence its very important to ensure all aspect of User Experience and User interface have been rigorously thought through.

Benefits of a great UI and UX design – Increase customer acquisition and retention:  An elevated user experience, gives the portal an competitive advantage, over other portals, attracting more footfall and conversions, leading to new acquisitions and retention of existing customers.

– Maximize revenue generation and margins: Increased use of the portal, creates a trust which eventually translates into repeated conversions. The cost of acquisition of new customers decreases, increasing overall profits. – Resource optimization and cost reduction:  A thoughtful, intuitive and articulate design will anticipate and address any usability issues, ahead of time. This will reduce rework, eventually saving crucial time and cost. Acquire more insights, from user engagement: Engagement metrics are often critical, as they provide insights to customers buying pattern, interests and influencers. This eventually increases customer acquisition, retention and conversions.

UX Honey approach

Originally conceived by Peter Morville, it outlines the aspects a designer should consider when designing a comprehensive user experience

Useful: Content that is original and meets the needs of the users Usable: Building application that are ease of comprehend and use Desirable: Aesthetically appealing and user friendly solutions, that evoke the right emotion and feelings, from the users Findable: Site and its content should be navigable, additionally user should be able to locate with ease Accessible: Application should be easily accessible, this includes for people with disabilities Credible: Users should trust the content that you present to them Valuable: Value as perceived by the user, this by solving their issues in the best possible way

Importance of UI/UX

Mobile alignment

With the explosive usage of mobile devices and tablets, an important aspect of UI and UX designs, is it's ability to effectively rendering, on mobile and tablets, without diluting the overall user experience.
Mobile savvy users, not only evaluate products and services online, but increasingly prefer to buy online. You would be missing significant revenues, if your applications are not mobile responsive.

Personalized experience

In the increasingly competitive marketplace, being able to customize the user journey and experience, based on users choices and requirements, is a key differentiators. For example being able to dynamically predict customer buying needs, and present those seamlessly, not only enhances the overall user experience, but results in conversions and revenue.

Site speed

79% of customers “dissatisfied” with a site’s performance are less likely to buy from them again, similarly 64% of smartphone users expect a website to load within four seconds or less.
Building solutions that are light, scalable and fast loading impacts overall experience and eventual customer retention and revenues.

UI and UX Design FAQ's

Digital marketing is the process of leveraging digital technologies, to eventually sell products and services. Its is able to influence the customers using various channels as social media, websites, blogs and mobile apps. What differentiates it from traditional marketing is its ability to reach a wider audience, while effectively monitoring success based on agreed metrics such as revenue, lead's or engagement.

Digital Marketing is one of the most effective ways for business to connect with their customers, partners and stakeholders.  Not only is it cost effective, but it is fast and efficient in the way it tagetes it customer. To outline key benefits:

  • Build lasting relationships
  • Increase conversions
  • Cost-effective
  • Ability to measure and monitor
  • Stay ahead of competition

What differentiates, digital marketing from traditional marketing, is its relative ease of defining and measuring success. This is done by first defining metric, on which the success can be measured. Few common metrics are listed below

  • Web Traffic
  • Leads
  • Cost per Lead
  • Conversion Rate
  • Goal Completion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Customer Lifetime Value

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